A toast to silence…

Not knowing what to expect from a ‘modern’ silent film, I was thoroughly surprised and entertained by The Artist. From the beautiful music to the charming characters – who have no layers other than the good, happy selves they show to the world – this is a feel good, be good movie to the core.

The Artist in itself is an ode to cinema. To the fact that fashions change, and it becomes necessary to keep with the trends or become obsolete. But in the end, being adaptable is not necessarily a compromise.


As the Director Michel Hazanavicius says – participating is what makes the audience love something more. And that’s what he gives us. The chance to do more than we would with an ordinary film. And in return we get the music and sublime sense of how far we’ve come and how much has changed. The latter doesn’t happen everyday…but when it does, they call it art.


Being inspired is a privilege as it happens so rarely. But recognizing the inspiration is probably a honed skill rather than an instinct. And if so, then I have a lot of work to do.

But today I acknowledge my being inspired….my being happy that I saw this film and was transported to an era I feel I belong to. To more movies and more out-of-the-box experiences.
What is life, if we don’t shake it all up once in a while 🙂

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