Making your own kind of sound

Todd Selby is one of my favorite photographers of all time. What he does with space and light, no one else can. And he inspires me to beauty, perfection and symmetry in the simple everyday.

But my ode to him is a post yet to come.

This post is about one of his inspiring videos that I saw a while ago. And I keep returning to it time and time again for the questions it raises. Based on the artist Christine Sun Kim, this short 10 minute exploration of her work goes well in tune with my experience of the film The Artist. Who is to say what sound is? And how important it is?

As Christine who was born deaf says – I constantly question the ownership of sound. People who have access to sound naturally own it and have a say in it.

So what do deaf people do when they can’t hear or control the sounds they make?

Christine answers that question by translating sound into a medium she can understand. One that is physical and allows her to participate in the experience. This in itself is a very thought-provoking sentiment and a very effective evocation.


Today’s been a bit of a tiring day and I haven’t had much success with my house hunting yet.
I’ve seen nice enough places but nothing I love.

My next home should be one that Todd Selby won’t cringe at. Or at least it should have the potential to be Selby worthy. Till then I stay where I am.

I’m beginning to learn more about make-doing. Staying with what you have till you find better. The same can be applied to many situations including jobs and men 😛

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