A Grayson Perry adventure

My Grayson Perry experience today at the British Museum had me  impressed with not just the architecture of the stunning building but also in complete awe of the contents housed within. And though I had only time to see this one show, what it did give me as a first time visitor was a taste enough for me to want to come back again and again.

This carefully orchestrated show-and-tell has century old artifacts and knickknacks intelligently intermingled with Perry’s vases, sculptures and tapestries. The end result is a comparison between the old and the Perry, and an ode to all the anonymous men and women who have crafted the wonders of history.

Perry’s humble, relaxed, ever-curious love for the kitsch and the handmade, rings out loud and clear in the curation. The wall text and captions make for interesting reads, and have a tinge of humor and irony to them.

In his own way Perry celebrates the fact that cultures borrow and adapt, and that everything in the Museum was once contemporary and now isn’t. As he says – in but a short while, ‘the Facebook generation distracted by their smartphones and obsessed with the celebrity’ will be a thing of the past.


Grayson Perry: The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsmen
Upto 26 Feb 2012
The British Museum


Tired and sleepy yet again.
But at least it has been a happy Friday.

More dreams, more writing, more photographs to take this weekend
True and utter bliss ❤

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