Love is…

Waiting in the queue at Waitrose today, I was accosted by a sign that said – Don’t forget it’s Valentines Day on 14th Feb.

Yeah right.
The only way you’re forgetting that, is if you deliberately want to or if you’re single. And either which way, you’re not the person they’re talking to in this case.

And though I’m not big on the showy kinda love, I do like the kind that warms my cockles.
The kind that’s like sharing marshmallows on a stick…or the perfect homemade cappuccino with a heart and chocolate sprinkles on the top.

So when my favorite photographer couple The Sartorialist and Garance Dore get together to shoot a Tiffany’s campaign, I break into a smile.

And cuter still is watching them work together on it. I wish there was more of this…

And though I’m super far away from saying ‘you’re the one I want to be with’, I’m happy enough knowing that love is…

Having cockles that warm and toes that curl ever so often…

And knowing that there will always be a Frank Sinatra.

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