So much…

My resolutions for this year are to see as much art as possible, to experience as many exhibition spaces as there are in London, and to be a bit more useful.

With that said, there are a number of To Do items on my list for the next two weeks, and all worth sharing.

They are –

  • Go see the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at the National Gallery – The exhibition’s been on view since 9 Nov 2011 and I will be slightly pathetic to miss it. Coming down on 5 Feb 2012, it is my mission this weekend to be there and spend my entire day trying to get in. I know the lines are long and the wait is torturous, but me and my audio guide will make it inside I promise.
  • Visit Sir John Soane’s Museum for an Evening Opening – I haven’t been to the Soane’s Museum yet; in fact I’ve only learnt of its existence a few days ago. According to the website it is the house of a famous architect and is filled with his collection of priceless antiquities and works of art. The Museum is quite like any other on regular days, but on the first Tuesday of every month it is transformed into a sight to behold. From 6-9pm the Museum is lit by candle light and given the amount of glass and crystal within, the experience is like no other. The coming Tuesday, 7 Feb 2012 is one of the Evening Openings and me and my camera will be making the trip this time.
  • Get some Song Dong – The Barbican is literally 7 minutes away from work. So I must be visiting it quite often, right? Not exactly. But all that is going to change now because I’ve signed up to the monthly newsletter, the library, and am soon to become a member. With my first newsletter email came the announcement that one of my favorite artists Song Dong’s installation Waste Not will be on view from 15 Feb 2012. Song Dong exhibits household objects collected by his mother that are later expanded on and added to by himself. Vast stretches of floor space are covered with items ranging from old shoes and clothes, used plastic bottles and empty tubes of toothpaste, and even broken toys and vessels. Being an anti-collector myself, the idea of preserving personal history or prolonging usefulness is an alien concept. But it so reminds me of my mother and is therefore utterly fascinating. Song Dong will be speaking at the Barbican on 16 Feb 2012 and I’m going to be in one of the front row seats shaking my head disapprovingly but listening eagerly still.
  • Process the OMA / Progress exhibition– I’m fascinated by architecture exhibitions and mostly because they are so different from fine art ones. There’s so much more to read and understand compared to the mere contemplation required for the latter. Frankly architecture is hard work, and I spent two hours yesterday trying to process the display panels outside the OMA exhibition. I haven’t even ventured in yet, but I already have a few pages of notes and concepts I want to research in greater detail. Just the kind of exhibition I love. On display till 19 Feb 2012, this exhibition calls for multiple visits and deservedly so.
It takes no small amount of time and energy to absorb all the London has to offer. But I’m happy to have more than I can possibly see and write about.

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