I came across an interesting concept recently called Project 365. The idea behind this is to post every day on your website or blog, a single picture that best describes your experience that day. And while this sounds quite easy, what it requires is discipline, carrying your camera around with you all the time, and being completely honest about challenging yourself. At the end of the year (if you stick to it that is), you’ll be a slightly different person. Hopefully more creative, happier and closer to achieving your goals.

You can have your own unique version of Project 365. And an interesting one I came across recently is by Roycin D’Souza, from my very own home city of Mumbai. Roycin is a photographer, designer and writer who set up #TweeterADay365, where every day he adds to his Flickr account creative pictures of people from Twitter.

Now I’m not a huge fan of Twitter because it sometimes makes me feel overwhelmed. But when I do visit it, I always always find something useful to read. So given the anonymity the web offers, wouldn’t it be interesting to have a peek at the people behind these tweets?

What Roycin does brilliantly is put a face to a tweeter, and in a way that binds these creative people together. It is both a fantastic platform for young entrepreneurs looking to get their name out there, and an opportunity for people like me who are always hunting for new ideas and inspiration.

So if you’re based in Mumbai or know someone worth featuring in Roycin’s project, you know where to find him.


My version of Project 365 – putting up something creative and interesting on my blog at least five days a week – is now moving into its third week. And I must say that while I’m not doing too badly, I’m having much more fun than I expected.

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