David Shrigley – Look at this…

..says the David Shrigley work standing outside in the pouring rain. Forlorn and lost it may look on the terrace of the Hayward Gallery, but it made me smile.

Having us look at something that is nothing other than what is says, is but ironic. And that’s what Shrigley is – ironic, humourous, macabre, yet utterly tender. His intelligence is in his ability to make work that is both critically acclaimed and easy to understand. And more importantly art that is relevant to the everyday and everyman.

Shrigley’s work isn’t the million dollar shark in formaldehyde that I have to revere because it is a in towering museum. It is not work intended to be preserved, auctioned and written to death or youtubed to smithereens. What it is, is a quirky photograph, a funny animated video or a random drawing, that makes me smile without thinking about anything other than the here and now. And for the sheer warmth of it, I would price a Shrigley work at a million more than the shark.

An artist whose work I would be proud to own, and intend to one day – here are my favorites.

And my absolute favorite…

David Shrigley: Brain Activity
Upto 13 May 2012
Hayward Gallery

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