Banksy’s Greatest

I’ve trawled through Banksy’s website innumerable times now and though I love his work, to me the most atrocious and audacious piece he has ever done is his film Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010)

Recently I’ve also done a bit of exploring London’s murals  which brought me in contact with Positive Arts and Boyd Hill. And out of a conversation with Boyd about graffiti artists, came the realization that graffiti is like no other art I have ever explored. These artists paint for paintings sake. They have no need for their work to be preserved or deified, knowing fully well that something that takes hours to create can completely disappear the next day beneath the work of another artist. Respect is not demanded but earned. And if your work remains untouched, it is because you have impressed the other artists who scour your terrain. At least for today.

This concept seems so out of place from the gallery/auction house world I have come from. But still the edgy feeling and the lawlessness it imbibes fascinates me. So last weekend I sat to watch the Banksy film, hoping to get some insight into his magic. Alas, the film is not quite what I expected while being so much more. It’s what I call half sense.


Watch it for for Mr. Brainwash who after learning the ropes from the best, shams the entire art market all easy peasy…
For the music which makes me smile.
For the ‘paint it + run away and don’t get caught + hide in the shadows and watch what happens’ attitude of these artists…
For the artist Borf – his name supposedly comes from his best friend who died when they were 16. He signs off as Borf so that his friend’s name can stay alive.
And for the artist Shepard Fairey famous for the Obama poster, who comes across as absolutely adorable.

Watch | Chuckle | Shake your head in disbelief

As a blog post I recently read states so eloquently – every industry needs a Borat. Mr. Brainwash is one for the world of street art.


I’ve been struggling to stay inspired the past few weeks. Life has gone back to being a little tedious and blank as it does every few months.

So it’s time to dig deeper and google wider for things that make me go wow.

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