Wheels like that! Art Drive!

First you see this –

Then you see this –

Then you totally know to expect this –

And this –

And this –

And ‘if you bring the Warhol out, I’m going to burst’ this –

Till 4 August 2012, 15 of the 17 BMW art cars are on display at the NCP car park at Shoreditch as part of a unique exhibition titled Art Drive! And whether you like the cars and the artists or not, you really can’t let this one go. Especially since the cars are epic and are a beautiful homage to everything that was Pop and is to come.

Also loop.pH has added a quirky design feel to the space.

And the view of Shoreditch is unbelievably beautiful if you look beyond the cars.

It’s a very hard space to exhibit within. But then where else would you go to see cars but a car park?

The most hilarious little bit of trivia that I learnt at the exhibition is that Andy Warhol was the first of the artists to paint his car by hand and he took all of 28 minutes to do it. A film crew was supposed to come film him but he was done by the time they got there.
This is totally a car you don’t want to miss seeing because it is everything Warhol, and it works.

Here’s David Hockney talking about his part in this project – his car is great and includes a painting of his dog.

There’s also a ton of information you can find out about the art cars and the project if you Google it.  But more than the reading, I would suggest seeing the cars. The exhibition is open 12-9pm which is perfect Shoreditch time, and they might have some events in the coming week which you can find out about on the ICA Twitter account.

I’m not a car person at all.
But throw some Chia and some Koons on the hood and I’m sold.

Art Drive!
Upto 4 August 2012
Great Eastern Street – NCP Car Park
London EC2A 3ER

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