Rain dance

The Rain Room at the Barbican by Random International has been around for a while now, but for most it’s still cloaked with an air of mystery considering the long, daunting queues to get in.

I managed to make it one Sunday before Christmas, and it was worth every minute of the three hour wait.

Now why would anyone in their right mind wait three hours to experience this work?

Because for a few Sundays of this exhibition, Wayne McGregor’s Random Dance troupe performs in the Rain Room and the experience of standing in the rain alongside them is spellbinding. And yours truly would have it no other way, what with Max Richter music on offer as well.

The websites of Random International and Random Dance chart some interesting projects and are definitely worth a look.

Here’s a video of another project from April 2012 that this group of artists and creatives have worked on.

And my absolute favorite is this video of Wayne McGregor giving a choreography demonstration for a TED audience.

As Wayne says, we need to ‘misbehave more beautifully, more often.’

You can see Random Dance perform in the Rain Room on Sunday 20 Jan and 24 Feb. I would advise going in for as early in the morning as possible if you want to skip the queue. About 6-9 visitors are let into the Room at a time so the queue moves quite slowly.

DO NOT go into the Rain Room in BLACK.

You will get WET like I did, which is not pleasant especially when you’re not expecting it.
The technology is not designed to respond to the colour black and the Barbican attendants are supposed to let you know this before you walk in.
No one told me, but I’m telling you.
So heed!

Random International: Rain Room
Up to 3 March 2013

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