YouTube stars

The cover story for the February issue of Wired features eight young entrepreneurs who have taken YouTube by storm. And each of them have their own unique style which has earned them a solid fan base, and ensures they get to do what they LOVE for a living.

Here they are…and every time you watch one of their videos, cash registers go ringing.

Charlie McDonnell 

Lex Croucher

Tom Ridgewell

Tanya Burr

Jamal Edwards

Luke Hood  – who set up UKF Dubstep

Alex Day

Carrie Fletcher

I’m all for young entrepreneurs finding the quickest and most fun way to make a name for themselves, fully knowing that what might be interesting and entertaining to someone, could be complete rubbish to someone else.
But hey ho, it ain’t called the world wide web for nothing. It spoils us for choice and I’m thankful that I can switch it off when I choose to.

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