The wonderful Booked Literary Events have another event lined up for Sunday 17th March at The Book Club in Shoreditch. And we’re spreading the word because at the last Booked event, we discovered the amazing Anthony Anaxagorou who blew our socks and shoes off in all directions.

Titled History – Herstory: two sides, the evening features Eliza Shaddad

Put Eliza and Anthony together in the same room, and you get magic

Other artists performing include Charlie Dupre and Torben Tietz, Julie Mayhew will be reading a short extract from her darkly funny novel Red Ink, Bobbie Darbyshire will be reading from the cynical/romantic collection Lover’s Lies, Camila Fiori will be introducing some of her unique poetry and so will Megan Beech.

So come. And be inspired.
Let your stories mingle with theirs.
Of loves lost and lessons gained.
Scars healed or broken open.
What is yours to cry over might make someone else break a smile.

And here’s why we love spoken word.
Because Sarah Kay made us.

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