Spoken magic


The more I listen to it, the more I love spoken word. And here are a few gems from the Booked Literary Events evening last night.

Dan Simpson


Postmodern Post Office

We’re a postmodern post office:
we don’t deal in packages
we only handle concepts.

We don’t have pigeonholes
we don’t like to label
why stamp on an identity
when it’s quite clearly unstable?

What does “first class”
even mean anyway?
like we’re judging some things
better than others
because they’re worth more?


We don’t get lost in the male
concept of the feminine
we try to be ourselves
whatever that means;
we try to be genuine.

There is no postmaster
we don’t do hierarchy
no wage slaves
no wages:
we’re post-Capitalist
which is to say
we don’t make any money.
We’re even post-ironic
which is to say
we’re really not that funny.

We’re a postmodern post office
don’t call us Royal Mail
for it’s only ceremonial
and we’d rather reassure you that
we are certainly post colonial.

We’re post Structuralist too
post structure
in that we don’t have a building
just a series of semantic constructs
that we know you find appealing

though knowledge is relative
truth a subjective matter
read the signs, between the lines
either astronomical or astrological
it’s all the same, really
if we’re being epistemological.

We are post office:
you say you didn’t get your letter?
well post hoc ergo propter hoc
you really should know better.

We deal with the post, man
a post-mankind environment
it’s why there are no staff here
thanks for queuing and being so compliant.

We’re not at the cashier windows
we’ve bigger fish to fry
we’re considering big questions
heavy lifting for the mind.

We’re a postmodern Post Office
no postmen or women
we’re post people
post caring
if we’re honest
post emotion
and post feeling.


Charlie Dupré’s rhymes have unlimited charm…


And I am now eternally a fan of Eliza Shaddad and this is largely the set she performed.
Stick around for Long John (as sung by Dinah Washington) that comes around the 15:00 mark.

Eliza also heads the Eliza Shaddad Quintet and there’s a free jazz album available for download if you like the sound of her.

All brain food…and definitely words and tunes to keep me musing for a while.

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