Mausolée to Street Art

As you walk down the stairs to the ground floor of Palais de Tokyo, you see two large graffiti works by street artists Lek and Sowat.

Both these artists have a close association with Urbex or the urban exploration of man made spaces, that could either be abandoned spaces or ones that are currently lived in.

In August 2010, these artists started a top secret project called Mausolée where they turned an abandoned supermarket in North Paris into a tribute to street art. 430,000 square feet of space was used for murals and installations, providing forty French graffiti artists a hide away to collaborate and do as they pleased.

The result was an exhibition that opened in April 2012, that was timed to coincide with a book launch.
I’m not sure what remains of the art within the space, but for street art lovers like myself, we don’t expect or need anything more, other than images and a video if we’re lucky.

And the credits –

Lek and Sowat did a brilliant job of galvanising these artists and getting them to paint outside in.
I’m sure it wasn’t easy to convince them, but in a way this is like turning the white cube space on its head.

For this and other reasons, my list of things to do when I’m back in Paris grows longer everyday.
The abandoned supermarket is at 11 rue Marie-Andrée Lagroua-Weil-Halle,Paris 75013 (enter by the front gate of a residential apartment complex, and enter through the first door on your left).
If you’re in Paris, let me know if it still exists.

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