Modern Art Cake!

We love cake. All kinds of cake.

But when you make cake inspired by our favorite modern artists, we love it more

Caitlin Freeman is a pastry chef at Blue Bottle Coffee Co. and has quickly made a name for herself with Modern art inspired desserts that you can buy at the rooftop Blue Bottle Coffee Bar at SFMOMA. The menu sounds tempting and they experiment with desserts to match every new exhibition that opens at the Museum.
Cake has never looked this fun.

Frida Kahlo inspired cookies – Frida and Diego Rivera (The Wedding Portrait), 1931

Wayne Thiebaud made great cake paintings – Display Cakes, 1963

These guys make them for real.

Modern Art Desserts: Thiebaud Pink Cake

Tony Cragg’s Guglie, 1987 inspired a salted caramel ice cream, malted milk chocolate ice cream, brown sugar cone and custom cone wrapper

Rineke Dijkstra’s De Panne, Belgium, August 7 1992, 1992 inspired a Rineke Dijkstra Icebox Tower with chocolate sables, whipped cream on a custom coaster.

Rineke Dijkstra, ‘De Panne, Belgium, August 7 1992’ 1992

Cindy Sherman’s Untitled #415, 2004 inspired a vanilla ice cream and raspberry sorbet.

But not everyone enjoys dessert made in their honour and sadly the Cookie Plate dedicated to Richard Serra had to be discontinued. Maybe he just doesn’t have a sweet tooth.

Piet Mondrian is probably doing a little jig in his grave, with his Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow, 1930 inspiring this delightful offering.

And one can never leave Damien Hirst out of anything.
Amylamine, 1993 inspired a lemon velvet cake, with white chocolate ganache and cream cheese frosting.

So if you ever need inspired dessert, or just people who love what they do and do it well, you know where to go.

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