Elliot Erwitt’s Kids


We’re on a roll with photography this week. And it comes to a cheerful close with Elliot Erwitt‘s delightful photographs.

A Magnum photographer who needs no introduction, Erwitt is most famous for his pictures of dogs. In fact he’s done four books on them.
But his images of children are the topic of discussion today. They have this sense of playfulness that everyone can identify with, one that we tend to lose more off with each Friday gone by.

So here’s to more laughter and cuddles, surprises and befuddles, older siblings that bully and younger ones that vex.
Happy Friday!

East Hampton, New York, 1981


Ballycotton, 1991


Second Ave., New York, c. 1951




East Hampton, New York, 1981


New York City, 1961


New York City, 1983


Elliot Erwitt, 1963


New York City, 1987 (Andy Warhol with Elliott Erwitt’s daughter Amy)


And MOST IMPORTANTLY – you can’t turn the page without watching this Elliott Erwitt gem from Nowness

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