New York, New York – Everybody Street


We’ve written about Joel Meyerowitz, Elliot Erwitt and Bruce Davidson in the past few weeks, and count these among our favorite photographers. And what better way than to celebrate their work and that of other iconic New York street photographers, than to make a feature-length documentary on them and call it ‘Everybody Street

Directed by Cheryl Dunn for the South Street Seaport Museum, New York, this documentary features Bruce DavidsonElliott Erwitt, Jill Freedman, Bruce Gilden, Joel Meyerowitz, Rebecca Lepkoff, Mary Ellen Mark, Jeff Mermelstein, Clayton Patterson, Ricky Powell, Jamel Shabazz, Martha Cooper, and Boogie, with Max Kozloff and Luc Sante. Without exotifying street photography, it examines what makes these photographers compelling, and how sometimes finding what you love and letting it kill you is the only way.


As Dunn says, this project documents some of the living New York street photographers who followed in the steps of Alfred Stieglitz, one of the first photographers at the turn of the 20th century to pick up the camera off a tripod and started walking around with it. He raised photography to a new level and many others have come after him who have done a brilliant job of making art from the theatre of New York’s streets.

When asked about what makes New York such a special city for photographers, Dunn says its the high concentration of people and the compactness of the narrow streets, the skyscrapers, the light, the constant flux, the fact that it was and still might very well be the porthole to USA, the contrast of the rich and the poor walking side by side…the list is endless.

The commitment, the passion, the obsession and the patience of these photographers, my icons, come across beautifully in these clips.

Ricky Powell


Mary Ellen Mark


Bruce Gilden


Bruce Davidson


Joel Meyerowitz


And if you love the music, it’s Endless Boogie’s Bad River.

Do you have a favorite street photographer? A recent discovery I made is Un Jour A Paris, and I’m in love,

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