Laure Prouvost

We’re currently reading Laure ProuvostThe Artist Book.
It is the best money ever spent if you are an artist, a wannabe artist, if you love art, love artist brains, love love.

The Artist Book by Laure Prouvost

‘LP wake up and have toast every morning,
LP use to own 6 fishes, 3 birds one called peter, now own an animal called gelati,
likes drawing and inventing stories,
is not professional,
enjoys the sun and making art stuff,
and help grand dad make bottoms

and talk art stuff and make useless work
and feel weird
and enjoy making when it works
and provoke
and repeat itself for ever
and not get anywhere
just repeat again and again
and make shows and exhibit thoughts and ideas or inserternties,
and be vulnerable and be proud
and love and care and invent and not make sense
and not understanding any thing
and not know why making
just surviving by not thinking too much
by not carring too much
by being light and playfull
being with people we love.
By being with people we care for.
Miss understanding mis translating miss communication
as deffence or not grassping.
Making mistakes for ever and showing what is not shown
what is not there
what is not try or unexhistant

laure provost put her left food down’

This is like a list of confessions…to herself or to anyone who cares.
It starts off the book and you know in a few minutes, this is not going to be like any other artist book.
I want to hug LP and say ‘me too’, about these confessions…
and also to correct her spelling mistakes.
But then she is French and everything they do and say is adorable.

We’re reading on…
There will be more to come.

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