Slinkachu’s Little People


Slinkachu is a London based artist who combines street installations using miniature model train set characters, with ace photography skills to create the ‘Little People Project‘.
And by little, I mean really really little.

What’s magical about Slinkachu’s work is that after taking numerous photographs of each installation, he leaves them to their fate on the street. And that’s where my imagination goes to play about what happens to these abandoned little people.
Do you think some little kid finds them and takes them home?
Have you ever seen one of his installations without knowing it was an artwork?
And more importantly will you begin to look around for them?

Slinkachu’s photographs might make us city-folk look more closely at our surroundings,
look up and around rather than at our devices and copies of Evening Standard;
to really begin to see,
in the hope that humour, poignancy and even what some might take as insanity, will make us a little more human and lot less automatic.

Natural Resources


Local Amenities for Children


Damn Kids






Fantastic Voyage




Wet ‘n’ Wild


Background Noise



There are all kinds of little and one of my other favorites is the guerrila Pothole Gardner

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