if you leave


In 2009 Laurence Von Thomas set up a tumblr blog called ‘if you leave’ as a platform for contemporary photographers to submit their work, from among which he selects a single image at a time to feature as one that might either be inspirational or just a really damn good photograph. Some of the images tend to be a bit on the lonely and desolate side, but then isn’t happiness overrated on most days.

Von Thomas has gone on to publish an annual compilation of the best images featured on the blog. And what works best for both the site and the publication, is that there is no text other than the name of the photographer and the country they come from.

A complete no-nonsense, give-me-what-I-came-here-for attitude that I adore.

Here are my favorites from If You Leave Volume III. We can’t get enough of Von Thomas – what a great combination of a genius idea and a KISS!

alena chendler

andrea willa

caitlin g. dennis

greg pths

laurence j. moss

lluís tudela

mac scott

And I haven’t been able to take my eyes of this image Von Thomas published last week….sigh….

by theo gosselin

if you leave

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