Bad-ass graffiti


Ever so often I find one of those books that makes me reassess what I think art is and why the world would be a better place if we weren’t so hoity toity about the artistic and cultured.

And for all the graffiti art and artists we worship and hold on a pedestal, there are the Scott Hocking ‘Bad Graffiti’ kind, who I am grateful to for keeping it real.

I have never been able to draw my whole life. And if I ever were a graffiti artist, this is what my work would look like.
And probably yours too.

Bad Graffiti

Bad Graffiti

Bad Graffiti

Bad Graffiti

My favorite is the one above, which Hocking calls – Fuck you on Wheels.

Sometimes bad is just plain bad. But at other times it’s endearingly so.

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