Martin Parr’s Bad Weather


Martin Parr is one of my favorite English photographers who is at his best when he’s shooting people in the everyday.

One of his earliest publications is called Bad Weather (1982), and I can’t help but be amused when I leaf through the pages. Some things change much too often for my comfort, and in this country you can say that again about the weather.

Ireland. Dublin. O’Connell Bridge, 1981

England. Epsom station, 1974

England. Manchester, 1981

England. West Yorkshire. Calderdale. Elland. Jubilee street party, 1977

Ireland, Manorhamilton sheep fair, 1980

Ireland. Mass at the summit of Sheermore, 1980

Ireland. Roscommon races, 1981

England. Elland, 1978

England. Manchester. Arndale Centre, 1981

No further explanation needed on why we don’t walk, we run.

And there’s no telling what the weather’s going to be like tomorrow, but if it’s sunshine and 20 degrees, all will be forgiven.

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