Alec Soth – Bittersweet


We’ve written about Alec Soth before and he’s one photographer I keep going back to because the people and moments he captures in his images are so regular. There’s no fake happiness or over posed photographs which is something I like. And his images have an aloneness to them without being lonely.

Today we’re browsing through his Niagara publication (2008) that features barren motels, loved up couples and waterfalls you just want to dive off, and feeling very Soth about it.

“I became interested in the idea of Niagara as a metaphor for love and passion and began exploring those themes. Why do people have honeymoons in Niagara Falls? Why is it associated with sexuality and passion and new love?”

Rhetorical or not, Soth’s images are always great starting points for introspection. That and the fact that Niagara Falls is just as popular with lovers as it is with those who have a death wish.
There’s also an interesting Magnum photo essay if you want to learn more about this project from Soth himself.


Falls 02 2005

USA/CANADA. 2005. Falls 02.

Melissa 2005

CANADA. 2005. Melissa, Flamingo Inn.

Nicholas 2005

USA. 2005. Nicholas.


CANADA. 2005. “To the love of my life.”

(I’m amused by how this one says ‘To the love of my life…Love: the love of your life’. Definitely presumes a lot’

Happiness Inn 2005

CANADA. 2005. Happiness Inn.

The Flecks 2005

USA. 2005. The Flecks.

Joy's divorce party 2004

USA. 2004. Joy’s divorce party.

Michelle and Pedro 2005

USA. 2005. Michelle and Pedro.

Newspaper 2005

CANADA. 2005. Newspaper.

Wedding dress 2005

CANADA. 2005. Wedding dress.

Would you come home? 2005

Paperbacks 2005


A-1 Motel 2005


Heart 2005

Niagara. 2005. Heart.

Though you wouldn’t quite call Soth a good wedding photographer, he’s quite spot on in capturing how mundane the everyday could get once the confetti has settled.

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