Jacques-Henri Lartigue: The Tennis Feeling


I’m feeling tennis today, and though Wimbledon is to blame Jacques-Henri Lartigue is also partly responsible.

A fascinating photographer and artist, Lartigue made photographing moving subjects in the early 20th century look effortless. And he made tennis, especially his photographs of the flamboyant Suzanne Lenglen who was the first female tennis celebrity, look like ballet.

Entrainement de Suzanne Lenglen, 1915 (Image Source: http://thephotographersgallery.org.uk/)


Deauville: Daisy Spéranza, 1916 (Image Source: http://www.liveauctioneers.com/)


Tennis Tournament, 1919 [#29]
Tennis Tournament, 1919 (Image Source: http://www.houkgallery.com/)
Suzanne Lenglen, circa 1920


Suzanne Lenglen, 1921 (Image Source: http://theuntitledtennisfan.blogspot.co.uk)


Lartigue is also special to me because of his images of people jumping into the air. A difficult spirit to capture, but one so beautiful when you get it right, here are some of my favorite Lartigue leaps.

Jacques-Henri Lartigue - Huguette Sabouret au Château des Essarts, Veyvialle, France
Huguette Sabouret au Château des Essarts, 1942 (Image Source: http://www.iphotocentral.com/)


Bois de Boulogne Monsieur Folletete Le Secretaire de Papa avec son chien Tupy, Paris, 1912 (Image Source: http://www.scottnicholsgallery.com/)


Championnat du monde de saut à ski, Juan-les-Pins, septembre 1938 Photo Jacques-Henri Lartigue
Championnat du monde de saut à ski, Juan-les-Pins,1938 (Image Source: http://pleasurephotoroom.wordpress.com/)


Albert Heidi, Francis Pigneron and Ostertag Chamonix, 1918 (Image Source: http://www.ggibsongallery.com/)


Richard Avedon, 1966 (Image Source: http://www.adhikara.com/)


My cousin Simone, 1913 (Image Source: http://graememitchell.com/)


Jacques Henri Lartigue. 'Fuborg' 1929
Fuborg, 1929 (Image Source: http://artblart.com/)


And if there ever was a photograph I want to be, this is it.

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