Nek Chand and The Museum of Everything


The Museum of Everything has done it again.

After taking the Everything to Moscow and Venice, it was about time they brought some of the unusual back to London. Giving a platform to some of the world’s ‘undiscovered, unintentional, untrained and unclassifiable artists’ since 2009, they are currently presenting a solo exhibition of the legendary Nek Chand Saini’s work alongside the Hayward Gallery’s Alternative Guide to the Universe.

While the exhibition presents only a small fraction of the mosaic and cement sculptures that make up Nek Chand’s landmark Rock Garden in Chandigarh in India, it is enough to leave you wanting more. And also to make me think about signing up as a volunteer with the Nek Chand Foundation, which enables you to travel to Chandigarh to actually help with the restoration of the Garden. Quite exciting!

Here are some images from the gallery with credit to myself. It’s going to take a while before we master our Samsungness and the art of taking surreptitious photographs in galleries that are not camera friendly. But the Museum of Everything embraces all photography, as you will see below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


P.s. – Our super-friends at Inspire Conspire Retire, worked on the show. If you like what you see, get in touch.

The Museum of Everything
Hayward Gallery
Till 26 August 2013

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