David Bowie Is


Inspiring, mesmerising, engimatic, hypnotic… I could go on.
Here are a few impressions from the exhibition David Bowie Is at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

David Bailey’s Box of Pin-Ups (1964)

Mick Jagger and Max Maxwell (Image Source: http://dazedandconfused1991.blogspot.co.uk/)


Andy Warhol (Image Source: http://dazedandconfused1991.blogspot.co.uk/)


How David Bowie came up with some of his lyrics using the Verbasizer software


The one Bowie song I knew instantly


Bowie’s mug shot from his arrest in 1976 for cocaine posession

David Bowie, 1976 (Image Source: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/)


When he was a child, Bowie was punched in the eye at school. Ever since then one of his pupils remains dilated, a fact that once discovered you cannot stop seeing in every photograph or video you come across.

Image Source: http://www.posterscene.com/


The famous Bowie stripe from the cover of the Alladin Sane album.

Image Source: http://www.allaradio.org)


The amazing costumes and the display

Image Source: lcfaccessfashionbusiness.myblog.arts.ac.uk


Image Source: http://www.phaidon.com/


Image Source: http://www.it-review.cl


Image Source: http://www.nme.in


And some great Bowie photographs

David Bowie, The Trans-Siberian Express by Geoff MacCormack, 1973 Image Source: http://www.analoguegallery.com)


David Bowie, The Archer by John Rowlands, 1976 (Image Source: http://pillowmagazine.com)


David Bowie by Terry O’Neil, 1974 (Image Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/)


David Bowie by Mayaoshi Sukita, 1973 (Image Source: http://theselvedgeyard.wordpress.com/)

Come, Been and Gone, 2009, performed by the Michael Clark Company to Bowie hits.

David Bowie by Mayaoshi Sukita, 1972 (Image Source: http://tornandfrayed.tumblr.com/)


And one of my own favorites to add to the mix – Mick Jagger and Bowie with Dancing in the Street from 1985. Love it!


David Bowie Is
Victoria & Albert Museum
Till 11 August 2013

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