Jo Longhurst – The perfect shape

There’s something fascinating about Jo Longhurst’s work be it her photographs of show dogs or elite gymnasts.

Her two main series are The Refusal where she photographed British show Whippets and examined how the shaping of these dogs mirrors the construction of human identity , and Other Spaces where she captures the emotional and physical experiences of gymnasts through images, performance and installation.

Two very related concepts but with different areas of study, here are some of our favorite Longhurst images.

Peak, 2009 (Image Source:


The refusal (part I), 2001 (Image Source:


Pinnacle, 2009 (Image Source:


Portrait of a dog, 2005-6 (Image Source:

I know what you’re thinking, 2002 (Image Source:


Suspension (1), 2009 (Image Source:


The refusal (part III), 2005-6 (Image Source:

Cross, 2012 (Image Source:


Breed (detail), 2005; C-type prints on aluminium, 96, 71 x 2, 38 cm
Breed (detail), 2005 (Image Source:


And here’s a short video Longhurst made for the Grange Prize 2012 which recognises excellence in photography in contemporary art. Longhurst won this prize in 2013.

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