Friday Inspired: Grave Watching


After the last Friday Inspired on modern architecture in movies, this week Veeranganakumari Solanki explores celebrity graves including one of our big favorites, Andy Warhol

“There’s always an element of death lurking around us, that becomes a part of our everyday.
As Haruki Murakami wrote in Norwegian Wood; ‘Death exists, not as the opposite but as a part of life.’
And so it is.

Compare this to the several celebrity graves that have become shrines for worshiping fans who make spiritual visits to venerate their heroes. They are celebrated like living legends and their influences are still witnessed today across generations and genres.

More recently, the Andy Warhol Museum honoured the anniversary of Warhol’s birthday (6 August) with ‘The Figment Project’, an Earthcam that provides a 24/7 live-feed of Warhol’s grave site, available for the world to see.

Not so different from Warhol is songwriter, poet, and lead singer of The DoorsJim Morrison – who pushed the boundaries of life to experiment with crowds and test psychology theories. Opting to leave life at the early age of 27, Morrison continues to gather a growing fan following with his grave site in Paris being listed among TIME magazine’s top-ten visited graves in the world!

(The irony of tourists in a graveyard never fails to amuse us!)

And Elvis Week (10-17 Aug 2013) celebrated once a year at Graceland draws in thousands of Elvis Presley fans every year and just as many Elvis impersonators. A dedicated website to Graceland offers innumerable options of visiting, learning, interacting and ensuring that all age groups are attracted to all things Elvis – thereby keeping up Elvis’ tradition of swooning crowds and unmistakable popularity.


…and finally if you’d like to look up your local legends, there’s an eager beaver team that’s got this all sorted –’

Veeranganakumari Solanki is an independent art writer and curator based in Mumbai, India’
Her curatorial work includes Barbed Floss that opened at The Guild on 31 July.

Thanks Vee, we’ve been hooked on to the Warhol camera in the hope that we catch some superfans in action.

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