London’s good ol’ Tubes


A few months ago the world re-discovered the work of photographer Bob Mazzer and his wonderful images of London’s tubes. And everyone’s been talking about them since.

A quintessential Londoner, Mazzer was born in Aldgate, lived in Manor House for a while and worked as a projectionist in a porn cinema at Kings Cross. And most of his images are from his journey to work and back, often late at night, which allowed him to capture the city at its colourful best.

We’ve seen a lot (and we mean a lot) of images of London tube scenes but Mazzer makes us look at the underground afresh, like we’re seeing it for the first time. Here are some of our favourites from the images he took in the 70’s and 80’s.

Mazzer also has some more recent images of the tube, and though London seems to have lost some of its edge, there’s no dearth of inspiration when you’re trawling the underground for some good clicks.

All images (c) Bob Mazzer and borrowed with thanks from

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