Ten Commandments for Gilbert & George


Over the weekend, we got a chance to stop by the Serpentine Galleries 89plus Marathon. And though the Marathon didn’t work much magic for us, we did see the epic Gilbert & George present the audience with their Ten Commandments. And this was enough BOOM to last us a long time.

Ten Commandments for Gilbert & George

  1. Thou shall fight conformism
  2. Thou shalt be the messenger of freedoms
  3. Thou shalt make use of sex
  4. Thou shalt reinvent life
  5. Thou shalt grab the soul
  6. Thou shalt give thy love
  7. Thou shalt create artificial art
  8. Thou shalt have a sense of purpose
  9. Thou shalt not know exactly what thou does, but thou shalt do it
  10. Thou shalt give something back

George also shared with the audience their advice for art students which we paraphrase below –

‘The first bit of advice we have for art students is when you get out of bed tomorrow morning, don’t stand up. Sit on the edge of the bed, keep your eyes closed, and think – what do I want to say to the world today? And only get up when you’ve decided what this is.

And the second piece of advice is (this is where Gilbert chimed in), f*&k the teachers!

Gilbert & George: Nettle Dance (http://www.oaktreefinepress.com)

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