Someone Once Told Me

Today we discovered this inspiring project by Mario Cacciottolo called Someone Once Told Me that in one photograph a day, encapsulates the power of words and their ability to impact our lives.

What started out as a way to explore the city of London and get to know its populous better, Cacciottolo has been posting a picture a day since 2007 with individuals holding up statements that someone once said to them. And from the happy to the amusing, the poignant to the sad, these images show that the one big statement that defines you or has changed your life, often comes when you least expect it.

Here are some of our favourites. You can click on each of them to access a short blurb and in some cases additional video content.

There's No Such Thing As Bad Weather... Only Bad Clothes

Always Both Always More Always Cheese Always Fried

Someday, You Are Going To Be Somebody

I Really Like Your Stumps

Maybe We Should Just Get A Divorce

Hug A Thug

Off The Wall

You're Not Awkward, You're Just Vegan

We love Cacciottolo’s passion and his commitment to this project over the years.  And you can be part of it too. Just send in an image via Your SOTM and if they are any good, he’ll feature them on the site. Foreign language contributions are also welcome.


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