Barnaby Barford’s Porcelains

We recently discovered the work of Barnaby Barford and we’re impressed with how he’s reinvented the traditional porcelain figurine to make ironic and slightly sinister art.

By adding a contemporary twist to these mass produced objects, Barford asks important questions about society and the individual. Nothing is as it seems, if we stop to take a closer look.

I ❤ Louis Vuitton, 2007


Oh Mummy, please can we keep it?, 2006


Does Christopher Robin know you’ve got that?, 2007


Mary had a little lamb, 2007


Wait until I get home, they’re going to go crazy!, 2007


I didn’t even know I was on the shortlist, 2007

Does that mean we’re not getting any presents?, 2009


Do it again, I didn’t press record, 2009

Family Feast, 2009

Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses, 2009

Happy Meal, 2009

Barford has also made an animation video using his porcelain characters. In his own words, ‘he’s always seen his pieces as scenes from a film – with the audience being able to make up what happened before and what might happen afterwards – so it felt like a natural progression to work on a film.’

Barford is currently having his first solo exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Virginia, USA.

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