The Magic of The Paper Cinema


Comprising a unique form of live animation and music, The Paper Cinema makes stories come alive with pen and ink drawings that are manipulated in real time before a camera that projects them onto a large screen.

Why go through all this trouble? Why not make an animation, you ask?

Well it’s precisely their handmade process that makes Paper Cinema magical. The drawings that Nicholas Rawling and Imogen Charleston move with artistic precision before the camera lens, the instrumental music performed at close proximity by Christopher Reed; all these aspects of film making and story telling sadly get lost in today’s world of ‘I now watch-everything-on-my-mobile-device’. Paper Cinema takes film making back to its basics, and gives us a story we can feel and see without it all being down to fancy technology.

Here’s a glimpse of the artistic processes involved in a Paper Cinema production. This is taken from a project called West that they did for Bristol’s Mayfest 2013.


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