The Beauty of the Everyday


Every now and then we come across photographers who can craft a symphony out of quotidian monotony. And Paul Russell is one of them.

A freelance street and documentary photographer based in Dorset, his work focuses on how human behaviour is affected by the environment that it’s surrounded by. And like a patient birdwatcher, albeit watching a different kind of bird, Russell manages to capture images we would be more likely to spot if we felt less rushed, less busy, and less self-important.

Here are some of our favourite Paul Russell images. His work leaves us with the sense that photography is much more than a skill… it is a mindset, a way of living.






Weymouth Kite Festival


Beside the sea. Photo 5

Beside the sea. Photo 15

Beside the sea. Photo 16

Beside the sea. Photo 19

Beside the sea. Photo 26

Photo 14

Photo 2

Photo 11

Photo 19
Tate Modern, London

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