Darren Almond: To Leave a Light Impression


You know that Darren Almond’s To Leave a Light Impression exhibition at White Cube Bermondsey is special the moment you walk through the door.
In a quiet subliminal way, it depicts the majesty of nature while highlighting the limitations of what we as humans can experience with the senses we have naturally available to us. When technology and in this case long exposure photography comes to our aid, it opens up a world of untold beauty that we otherwise would have been unaware of.

Comprising of two series – Fullmoon and Present Form, the former depicts landscapes in Patagonia, Tasmania and Cape Verde all taken in full moon, pollution free light, while the latter captures the standing stones on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.

Both series stand tall in the galleries, and it is only when you find yourself staring absently at an image where time is traced by the length of a star shooting through the sky, that you realise just how powerful these images are. It is art that makes you think about the invisible, the real lived experience, and how this artist has frozen time and light within a frame.

Present Form Exposed - Darren Almond - 2013 - 82645

Fullmoon@Glacial Crossing - Darren Almond - 2013 - 79517

Darren Almond: To Leave a Light Impression
White Cube Bermondsey
Till 13 April 2014

Images (c) Darren Almond and various sources. Borrowed with thanks.

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