Sam Taylor-Johnson: The Beautiful Cry


We’ve been thinking movies recently and more so in the wake of the Oscars. With Steve McQueen winning the coveted prize, it makes us look more closely at the artist as a story teller and whether you can do both – capture a single moment in time, or successfully weave the entire story that enfolds it. And though McQueen has crossed the fence to join the other side, today we stand inspired by the moment, that single instance as captured by artist and filmmaker  Sam Taylor-Johnson in her Crying Men series; one that is sometimes lost or forgotten when the camera moves on to the next. And what better way than to highlight this using the very people who magic our screens.

A series of images of famous movie actors as they sit mid-cry, these were all staged on the command of Taylor-Johnson as she got them to weep for her camera. If it’s all acting, the same kind of make-believe, then the sheer variety of expression communicated through glistening cheeks and furrowed brows is truly remarkable.

Daniel Craig, 2003


Michael Gambon, 2003


Forest Whitaker, 2004

Laurence Fishburne, 2002


Hayden Christensen, 2003


Robin Williams


Ryan Gosling


Tim Roth


Philip Seymour Hoffman


Sam Taylor-Johnson. 'Steve Buscemi' 2004
Steve Buscemi, 2004

Sam Taylor-Johnson. 'Gabriel Byrne' 2002
Gabriel Byrne, 2002

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