Barbara Anastacio: Behind the scenes


Tall, striking and no-nonsense! That’s what all the bouncers in Barbara Anastacio’s images have in common.

Taken behind the scenes at the recent fashion weeks, we love how these images give a different take on fashion.
It’s not all about the glitz and the glamour.
Owning the space you occupy is probably one of the most understated qualities of being powerful!

In a Q&A for Nowness Anastacio reveals that as a backstage photographer at Fashion Week, if the bouncers see you then you’re in the way.

With Paris having the most handsome bouncers, New York the biggest, Milan the toughest, and London the most polite, it was only time before someone turned their lens on these masters of ‘territorial choreography’ as she calls it.

All images (c) Barbara Anastacio

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