Boogie: In your face


We recently had the chance to hear legendary street photographer Boogie talk about his images, and we were struck by how matter-of-fact he was.
We consider him to be one of the grittiest photographers we’ve come across….not everyone can take to hanging with gangs and drug dealers, looking a gun down its barrel, and come away like it’s no big deal at all.

But Boogie does come across as relatively undamaged, although he say’s being born in Belgrade could have something to do with it.
And though he does conclude that he doesn’t find the need to put himself in difficult situations anymore to get a good image, it is his ability to assimilate and accept that makes him a credible photographer.
What you see is as much as what his subject reveals as it is the situation Boogie puts himself in.

Most of the images below are taken in New York in the early and mid 2000’s and a few in Istanbul.

Here’s a bit of Boogie wisdom.

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