Amanda Harman: For the love of play


When was the last time you saw children playing in the street?
Not organised sport, but the boisterous, noisy, made-up games that almost every person our generation and older has played.

When was the last time you saw a child ambling through a park, unaccompanied?
Exploring, we used to call it….made all the more exciting because we climbed out through the window without Mum knowing.
And no, she didn’t call the police because she knew we would be back for lunch.

While the growing absence of a child in unsupervised, unstructured leisure might be a first world problem, it doesn’t change the fact that as more of our lives and relationships go virtual, we’re losing out on time in the grass and in the sun.

Here’s Amanda Harman’s series Child’s Play, taken in the 80’s and 90’s that depicts play in ‘unstructured’ outdoor environments;
an ode to a time where there was always plenty of time.

Amanda Harman was awarded the 2014 Sony World Photography Award today in the Still Life category. We nearly grabbed the newspaper out of a fellow commuter’s hands to get a better look at one of her award winning pictures from the Garden Stories, Hidden Labours series.

All images borrowed with thanks (c) Amanda Harman

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