The Non-Conforming Martin Parr


Martin Parr, one of our favourite photographers, never fails to capture those aspects of being British that are especially endearing.

Here are a selection of his images (some we’ve featured before) from ‘The Non-Conformists‘, a body of black and white images taken from the 1970’s when Parr moved out of London to settle down in the little mill town of Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire.
That the photographer dotes on his subjects is clearly visible,
that he captures the moment you think no one is watching, is his skill,
and that he makes the pomp and scone loving British more lovable, is his art.

Mayor of Todmorden’s inaugural banquet. 1977


Halifax. Steep Lane Baptist Chapel buffet lunch. 1976


Todmorden. Jubilee Celebrations. Street Parties. 1977


Calderdale. Hebden bridge. Lord Savile has just shot a grouse. 1975-1980


Halifax. West Vale Park. Three local chapels combine to have an outdoor service. 1975


Todmorden. Mankinholes Methodist Chapel. 1975


Sowerby Bridge Mouse Show. St John’s Ambulance rooms. 1978


Crimsworth Dean Methodist Chapel. Chris is another natural rebel who finds it hard to enjoy Sunday School at the Chapel. 1975-1980


Crimsworth Dean Methodist Chapel. 1975


Some of the congregation making there way to the Crimsworth Dean Chapel Anniversary. 1975


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