Luke Stephenson: Foyer Fauna


We like photographers who make us do a double take on the things we take for granted, for the most part of our life.
And Luke Stephenson falls into just this very category.

A London based Martin Parresque photographer who cites ‘life in Britain’ and ‘the British psyche’ to be at the core of all his work, we’re fascinated by the range of projects he’s turned his lens to – from The Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds and Balloon Animals, to the World Beard and Moustache Championships and Santa in his Grotto.

But the one we found the most canny is Foyer Fauna.
A plant makes all the difference…till we forget about it of course.











In addition to these projects, Stephenson is currently raising money to publish his next book 99x99s, an ode to the humble British 99p Flake ice cream that has graced many a summer holiday and beach walk. His fascination with ice cream earlier manifested in his series Mind That Child, but 99x99s takes this to a whole new level.

So whether you are inspired by his earnest desire to preserve bits of Britishness, whether you chuckle at him or roll your eyeballs, he’s definitely got us thinking as much about our last flake, as he has about the forgotten potted plant in our living room.


All images (c)Luke Stephenson
Also available on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

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