Elliott Erwitt: Museum Watching


‘I am a dedicated people watcher who loves to see art and art watchers watching.
Museums provide irresistible visuals feasts of science, history, art on canvas, in sculpture, in buildings that are themselves art.
Blending with displays, spectators provide the human scale, thinking, judging, having fun, feeding sensibilities.
It makes fine hunting for a furtive photographer on the prowl.’
Elliott Erwitt, Museum Watching, 1999

Madrid. Museo del Prado, Spain, 1995


The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1988, New York City, USA


Metropolitan Museum, 1949, New York City, USA


Musée de l’Orangerie, Paris, France


Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. “Guernica” by Pablo Picasso, 1995, Madrid, Spain


Tate Gallery, 1996, London, Great Britain


Rodin Museum, 1998, Paris, France


Elliott Erwitt: Pisa, Italy, 1976
1976, Pisa, Italy


Detroit Institute of Arts, 1975, Michigan, Detroit, USA



We’re completely on a roll with people watching art this week.
How do you take your art?
Do you make notes?
Do you have to take pictures of everything you like?
Or do you just photograph everything you want to note down, because who actually writes these days?

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