Vee Speers’s Birthday Party

Picture this image on the cover of a book called The Birthday Party.

I see it and automatically make up a story in my head.

‘This is the dress and hair I wanted for my birthday when I was eight, but my mother thought it too weird.
To me it was beautiful. So we argued and I was made to wear a happy coloured dress with big flowers, so the relatives did not think me different from the other little girls.
But I was, and still am.’

This childhood trauma of mine is completely fictional.  But my mind wants it to be true when I see Vee Speers‘ photographs.

Untitled 1 © Vee Speers


Vee Speers

Somehow the pictures of the boys in this series, do not appeal to me as much. Go figure!

As Vee says in this article about The Birthday Party – Childhood is not all sweet and nice; it’s good and bad, imaginary and sweet, dangerous and scary.

How very true.

Vee Speers

Vee Speers

Vee Speers

Born in Australia and currently living in Paris, each one of Vee’s photographs tells me a story if not many. The series she did on Parisians in 2005 is another gem.

Photography Vee Speers

Photography Vee Speers

My twenty-nine year old self now says , ‘If I ever grow up to be a photographer, I want to be one like Vee’.
I can’t see any reason why that can’t still happen.

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